Tool Crib Management

  • Outsource your Tool Room to us.
  • Equipped with Personnel trained by us.
  • To independently monitor and maintain all that your shop floor needs.
  • We will also provide services for Stock Taking and Implementing Software for Tool Management.
  • Get all your Shop floor requirement delivered by ONE SOURCE.

Component Based Solution

We take projects to provide Technical Services to customers for new product development and its machining.

  • Analyzing product design
  • Assisting in Fixture development based on component model
  • Providing Machining process and sequence along with CNC programming support.
  • Selecting Toolings and setting parameters for machining

And achieve efficient productivity and effective cost per component for the customer.

Machine Tool Investment

We also provide tool selection and Planning Services for new machine investment, for varying customer needs

  • Application wise tool selection based on products to be manufactured
  • General Tool selection to meet any application, based on machining capacity available

We ensure and jointly with the customer provide recommendations that give 100% solution and are within the budget allocated for the investment.

Productivity Improvement and Cost Reduction

Due to market dynamics and challenges customers have to improve their productivity to achieve economies of scale and reduce Cost per component to meet pricing demands of the industry.

We provide Special Services to customer to achieve the above objectives on their existing product.

  • We do a thorough study of their existing machining process.
  • Recommend changes and result achievable with the changes with cost implications
  • Apply the changes after customer approval
  • Handover the solution after successful implementation.

Training Services

We also provide training for understanding basic fundamentals of Metal Cutting Technology

This helps customer employees at operation and executive levels to independently play their role effectively. And helps them in correct tool selection, implementation and trouble shooting.