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    A Variety of Cutting Tools to Machine
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    A Offering Cost Effective & Productive Toolings for
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    Expert Support to Design and
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About Us

Delta Tooling Solution was founded by Esmail A B and Taher M B in the year 2015. They had come together to start this venture with the objective of providing services to the machining industry.

As the dynamics of the machining industry are becoming challenging by each day. With the advancement of technology and product engineering and design, a lot of challenges are faced by customers at application level.

With the collective experience and qualification of its partners, and pool of qualified-experienced engineers we have the right combination to provide Value added services to our customers.


At Delta Tooling Solutions we Offer the following services to augment your machining needs


  • Prime Turning
  • Coro Turn CT300
  • Coromill 390

  • Coromill 390
  • Coromill QD
  • Coro Thread 266


Cutting Tools: Sandvik Coromant

Authorized Distributor for Vadodara Region

We supply tools from Sandvik Coromant as their Authorized channel partner in Vadodara from 2016. Sandvik has a wide range of cutting tools to meet almost all the application requirements in

  • CNC Turning – OD Machining/ Facing/ Grooving/ Thread Turning
  • VMC Milling – Facing/ Shouldering/ Groove Milling & Slitting/ Boring Rough and Finish/ Thread Milling/ Drilling
  • Special Anti vibration tools – Turning (Boring), Milling (Boring), Shoulder Milling
  • Solid Rotating Tools – Endmills / Drills/ Reamers / Taps
  • Sliding Head tools for small part machining

Sandvik has tools applicable for machining -

  • Versatile Tools for General applications
  • Optimised Tools for Dedicated applications
  • Customised Tools for Special applications
Special Tools: Procarb®

There are often machining applications which cannot be done using standard tools, We take services to provide special tools to meet such requirements.

It may be modification in some standard tool or designing a completely new solution, we extend our support to meet all such needs.

  • Manufacture specially designed tools as per customer specifications
  • The development of the tool is based on material, application and machinery
  • Manufacturing driven by - Genuine raw material, High machining quality and Stringent Inspection
Other Supporting Tools And Equipment

Often customer requires one stop solution for their projects/ Machine Investment/ product development.

Full filling the entire project often needs tools and equipment's from other product segments and brands.

These may include – HSS Cutting Tools, Special Reaming/ broaching Tools, Deburring tools, Measuring Instruments, Gauges, etc.

We have a well networked linkages with other manufacturers and distributors of various products related to the machining industry to fulfill all such customer needs.


Corochuck 930
Hydraulic Chucks
Corochuck 970
Synchronised Tapping
CoroCut 1-2
CoroCut QD
CoroCut 3
CoroDrill 860
Rocket Drill
CoroMill 316
Modular Heads
CoroMill 590
Aluminium Machining Tools
CoroTurn 266
Threading Holders
CoroTurn P
Turning Inserts
CoroTurn TR
ilock Technology
CoroMill HD Plura
Solid Carbide Endmills
CoroTap 400
Forming Taps
CoroTurn 107
Turning Tools
CoroTurn CXS
Small Part Machining
CoroTurn SL
Silent Boring Bars